Person who influenced me

20 January 2013, Comments Off

There are many people who write books and tell about the person who has influenced them in their life. Some others speak about this in media or on some stage when an opportunity is provided. Personally till recent times I never acknowledged this theory of influence. I always felt that whatever anyone is at present is all due to their deeds and not by anyone else. All those who speak regarding this matter are either trying to be modest or trying to make a good image of them.

Today I am a firm believer of this theory. I was influenced by quite many people but was unaware about it. This made me understand that each and every person will be influenced by some or the other person at some point of time in their life. This can happen knowingly or unknowingly. The most influential person in my life has always been my father. Speaking about, there was a day when my father came to me and said few words. The base for my success was laid then.

He said me never to be elated if any one calls you intelligent or you feel that way yourself. Even a thief is intelligent and hence can steal your belongings. But your hard work and effort you put can only help you to taste success in life. I never understood the impact of this conversation on my future. It could be during my pension time at present; these words were always the driving force behind my success. It helped me not be complacent at any point of time.

Anyone who is successful in their life today is not because they have some inborn talent or are very intelligent. It is because of proper channeling of their efforts which has made them what they are. It may also be called hard work in the appropriate direction or smart work. These influencing words of my father have made me taste success in life.  When I look back now, I can see many instances when some or the other person or incidence has made an impact in me. It can be huge or small, there is no scale to measure it but has had an impact on me.

When you think about your past, you may also find many such instances that have affected you. Some of us realize it and some of us don’t. Acknowledging the influence of some person in your life is a way to show your respect to them. Today I feel most of those who write and speak regarding this matter are trying to give respect to the people who have influenced them.

Secret behind my successful love life?

10 December 2012, Comments Off

Being into a committed relationship is not easy as you may have to sacrifice a lot for this and you should have the guts to be with all the turmoil and revive your relationship from it. I am in a relation with a girl, who I think understands me the best! She is naughty and funny, yet very matured and responsible. However, often she become a bit fanatic and show anger on me! She scolds me and loves me like nobody can in this world. That is why our rapport is special. This is no love – hate relationship! There is not hate, only love is in the air!

So, you must be thinking that what the secret ingredients behind such successful chemistry are. Well, there are no secret ingredients, nothing special! We just follow a few simple things what keep our relation bonding firm and strong forever. Here are a few points that can make a bond better or even the best! Please have a glance on this:

Endurance – Endurance is the virtue which can solve everything. You need to be careful and should have the patience to maintain things carefully. Do not get too much aggressive and when you are angry, it is ideal that your partner stays cool and vice-versa. This is an important attribute. For this you can take your affiliation to a new leap of success.

Energetic mind – Be energetic and try to solve each and every issue with precision. Do not run after the success and do not even do anything that is completely showing off. Go for a healthy connection which is based on truth and energy to resolve each other’s drawbacks.

Sense of Humor – A smile can change the whole world. You need to put on a simple smile over your face and that is enough! Try to make your partner please with your meticulous ideas and joke.

But, be careful do not crack any silly jokes, girls hate silly jokes. Not even girls, every one of us sometimes gets disgust with some loose pranks. So, restrict yourself from doing that. Go for a movie or restaurant – have a nice time – It is always good to hang around with each other. Go for a good movie and the movie should be soft, funny and touching maybe! If both of you like horror or thriller, then go for it. Otherwise, do not opt for that!

This is important and if you do not find any movie, go for restaurant have a good time with foods and quality wines. An association is always special! Do not lose it in any circumstance; just defend it from the external and internal turmoil. Do not leave the hands; even you two are in not a good mindset!

Advantages of a vegan diet

25 November 2012, Comments Off

Obesity is the main issue nowadays most people faces because it is a sign of unhealthy body. If the body is too fatty then chances are there to become a patient. Diseases will easily affect the fat body and they will lose the resistance power. Eating meat and other non vegetarian food is the main reason for obesity which leads to complication. To avoid such issues and to become healthier, most of the people nowadays prefer vegan diet.

Become a vegan
Become a vegan is not that much easy if you have the habit of eating non vegetarian foods. But it is a must for the persons who are fatty to change their eating habits if they want to maintain good health and to live a good life. There are many advantages if you eat vegan foods such as fresh fruits, whole grains, beans and vegetables. These organic products are very easy to digest and supportive for our stomach. The vegetarian food items contain less quantity of saturated fats.

Human body
These are very much essential for human body to function properly without giving any kind of stress to any part of the body. Meat items take time to digest and will create lot of problems to intestine. As vegetarian food items contain less amount of fat, it is helpful in preventing cardiac diseases such as heart attack and heart valve blocks. Fruits and vegetables help to gain antioxidants which will protect the body from some type of cancer. For getting calcium, it is advisable to eat dark green leaves and nuts which contain good quantity of magnesium.

Vegetables are also useful in cellular creation and repair and also for generating white and red blood cells. The Vitamin C in it will strength the immune system and potassium will eliminate toxins from kidneys. Other major roles of vegan foods are it will reduce the chances of affecting diseases. Other than this, it lowers the level of cholesterol in the body and prevents macular degeneration. Also it will prevent osteoporosis up to a level. Vegan diet is better solution for reducing over weight in a good manner without any risks. It will also fight against any kind of allergies.

The main reason for allergies is meat food.  If you become a vegan then it is equal to saving the life of animals. So it is advisable to avoid meat in your daily routine to get rid of such issues and to protect the nature. Instead of that you have to try to become a complete vegan to live a healthy life till end. Vegetarian is completely environmental friendly and not at all harmful to anything. It will only give you a peaceful life which you can enjoy very much.

The Advent Of Internet Has Made World A Global Village

13 November 2012, Comments Off

The advent of internet has changed the life of people to some great extent. Internet, which was once considered only as a medium for gaining knowledge is now used for several other works. Owing to the increased dependence of people on the online world, several new online stores have now come up with loads of product. You can check out these online stores and shop the things that you require. The availability of a wide range of products is not the only reason for the increase in the dependence on the online stores. There are several other factors too, that have led to the growth of these stores. By purchasing online, one can save a significant amount of their time and use them for some fruitful work. Apart from that, one can also get their merchandise at a lesser price compared to the traditional brick and mortar store.

The advent of internet has not only changed the life of people by allowing them to make their purchases without going out of their home but also have made several other impacts on their life. With the advent of the web world and the introduction of the emailing system, now one can get in touch with any person at anywhere across the globe in just no time. Therefore, most of the corporate companies are now depending on the emailing system to get in touch with their clients and business partners for conducting their business deals. Not just mailing, you can also talk with anyone seating at any part of the world in real time by using the instant messenger system offered by different services. For casual uses, you can opt for the free ones. However, it is always recommended that the professional services should go for the paid ones as the paid ones offer better features for conducting the meetings or chats.

Apart from mailing or chat, you can also talk directly with your friends or colleagues in any part of the world by using net telephony system. Using net telephony system is simple if you follow the usage guidelines carefully. Not just that, the charges for internet telephony are also quite less compared to the conventional telephoning system. Thus, you can save a large amount of money on your phone bills. By using a paid service, you can also avoid problems with the network system.With the use of online network, one can also conduct video calls and conference calls, when required. Just get the connection established properly and get started. As one can get a significant amount of advantage by using internet, the dependence of people have increased highly on this medium, making world a global village.

How to lead a successful life?

23 August 2012, Comments Off

While writing this article I do not claim to be the most successful person on this planet. However, I feel that we learn from one another by sharing our views and ideas Hence, I am writing this article with the same intent that if anyone feels otherwise, they may give their suggestions so that I may get new ideas about how to lead a happyl life.From whatever little experience I have and whatever lessons I have learned from life , In my opinion the single most important element for leading a successful  life is ‘ self confidence’. As my own self-confidence keeps on fluctuating, I have noticed that whenever, I believe in myself and have a high level of self-confidence, I have met with astounding success. Whenever I trust my self and keep faith in my abilities, I have always been perpetually met with success.

Hence, it is a tried and trusted formula that in order to be successful in ones life:one must have faith in their abilities and trust needs to have self confidence and have a winning attitude. It is a widely accepted truth that lives are supposed to be tough especially  for those who aspire to be successful. Then why do all of us run after pleasures and shirk away from hardships and trials. A person is the one who teaches themselves to embrace hardships, break their neck, and keep going. True, hurdles are meant to be on our way but what we need to recognize is that they are only there to make us stronger and harder. It is only via facing our fear that we can overcome it, not by avoiding it. You must have heard that an easy way never produces ambitious souls. Therefore, it is only by embracing difficulties and facing hardships that one can become an exquisite diamond that is made after it has been pressurized for millions of years by the rocks.